Friday, 25 November 2011

Strikes are just plain wrong

I have a real problem with the planned strikes for the 30th November!

1) How can it be right that public services are disrupted when only 25% of the union members voted for a strike?
2) Why was a ballot for strike action taken before negotiations had even started?
3) Why are the Union Baron's who live very comfortably on their six figure salaries (paid for by much less well off ordinary working people) able to subsidise the Labour Party so heavily (again from subs taken from much less well off ordinary working people) when the former Labour Government presided over the financial mess we are in? Remember, former Chief Secretary to the Treasury famously left a post-it note for the incoming Government last year explaining that 'there is no money left'.
4) What sort of example are teachers setting to impressionable young pupils?
5) Why should the many hard working ordinary people in this country suffer inconvenience and financial hardship whilst strikes that have so little support take place?

I plan to write to our local MP to ask him to campaign for a tightening on laws concerning strike action. If you agree, why not do the same?


  1. Indeed. There will be no support services where I'm at Uni in Hastings next week - and the Student Union president has asked us course reps to forward his email encouraging students not to cross the picket line. I have forwarded it, but have checked that our lecturers will be in, and have pointed out the downsides to taking the day off in a note at the top of the email.

    I think that the locally run cafes up the road will be busy what with the college shop being closed!