Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Conservatives call for A27 road improvements as local Lib-Dem MP launches £1.2m bypass for cyclists

Local Conservatives are to campaign directly to Transport Secretary Justine Greening for much needed improvements to the A27 between Eastbourne, Polegate and Lewes as the two Lib-Dem MP’s serving the area appear to have remained silent whilst nearby Bexhill, Battle, Hastings and Tonbridge received a shot in the arm with improvements to the A21.

This week an expensive Highways Agency project was launched by Norman Baker that links Beddingham & Firle with a £1.2m cycle path whilst Eastbourne & Polegate remains isolated at the end of the A27 restricting its potential in business and tourism growth and inflicting increased exhaust emissions and reduced air quality on the many villages along the road.

Pevensey & Westham County Councillor, Tony Freebody said “how can Norman Baker celebrate the launch such an expensive folly with taxpayer funds through the Highways Agency whilst long suffering motorists have to sit in jams looking at the empty cycle path”.

Eastbourne Borough Councillor for Sovereign Ward, Patrick Warner accused local Lib-Dems of hypocrisy “Norman Baker did very nicely when his former home at Beddingham Level Crossing was flattened to make way for the flyover but both he and his Lib-Dem colleague in Eastbourne have remained silent whilst our local area continues to struggle to generate much needed growth with poor road network access”.

Local businessman & Proprietor of, Steve O’Neil who uses the A27 regularly for airport runs added “motorists are amongst the most taxed in Europe and with fuel costs at record levels, I and other road users could be forgiven for being frustrated that cyclists who contribute nothing financially in direct taxation get such a lavish scheme whilst we sit looking at the car in front”.

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