Sunday, 26 August 2012

Government Reshuffle Speculation - What do you think?

Speculation has been rife for weeks about a forthcoming Cabinet reshuffle and most predictions indicate this will happen shortly, likely to enable a refreshed team to be showcased during the Autumn Party Conference season. But what do you think Prime Minister David Cameron should do?

As a committed Conservative who considers myself to sit on the true blue right wing of the party my thoughts for what they are worth may not surprise many who know me. I find the restraints of coalition Government frustrating even though I understood why David Cameron would have felt he had little choice after failing to secure outright victory in the 2010 general election. The mess left by Labour had to be dealt with and if common ground could be agreed, coalition seemed to offer a great deal more stability than limping on as a minority Government with the punch and judy of party politics dictating decision making and ultimate course of our nation followed by the disruption of an early general election.

I don't think the Government are doing a bad job, I share the view of many that we should be going further in a number of areas, most notably dealing with the economy and benefit reform and I get frustrated by apparent u-turns (even though in some cases I appreciate it demonstrates a listening Government) but I think their real challenge is improving communication of what we they doing and why they are doing it. Too often it seems that the public are left to digest the thoughts of the ridiculous Ed Milliband and Ed Balls on matters of importance when they along with their former master, Gordon Brown were the architects of so much of what went wrong - come on Lord Patten, step your cleansing process at the BBC up a gear please and lets get more balanced news coverage please!

Of course I'd like to see a more right wing Cabinet, I like William Hague, I believe that Ken Clarke although left leaning for a Conservative adds balance to the team and is popular with people in the country. I'd like to see the Treasury team strengthened and it may surprise many that I'd like to see Lib-Dem David Laws return here whilst the Coalition remains - he seemed to have a good grasp of how the Labour debt needed to be dealt with. I am dissapointed that the very bright and communicative Louise Mensch will not remain in parliament following her decision to move to the US as I think she would have become a good future Minister. I would also like to see the loose cannon that is the ever more eccentric Vince Cable removed from Cabinet, for all his supposed experience, he is not a team player and represents more of a risk than a benefit to good Government.

Finally, after what seems to have been a hugely successful Olympic Games, I wonder if a place could be found for two of its key movers, Sir John Major and Lord Seb Coe. Sir John never really recieved the recognition he deserved for not only putting our nation on such a steady course that it took New Labour 13 years to wreck it but also for the groundwork he laid to improve our sporting fortunes with Lottery funding and the formation of the UK Sports Council. Lord Coe is now also widely acknowledged as having executed a well organised games that has after the wonderful Jubilee celebrations, kept a thoroughly positive spotlight on our brilliant country. These talents and wisdom could surely be of benefit in helping us steer the nation through the challenges that lie ahead - over to you know Prime Minister!

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