Monday, 6 August 2012

Sovereign Harbour Lock Gate Incident - 4th August

Following an incident at the marina sea locks early on Saturday morning, Premier Marinas has issued the following statement.

“Sovereign Harbour - Incident Statement - 4th August 2012
At around midnight on 3rd August, immediately following a routine ‘top up’ of the Inner Harbour basin, one of the seaward lock gates opened whilst the Inner Harbour gates were open.
The lock gate opened approximately eight feet, with a three foot head of water entering the Harbour. The tidal load on the vessels and pontoons resulted in a pontoon breaking into three sections. These have now either been secured or removed.
Harbour personnel were on site and responded immediately. Power and water supplies were isolated and a count of crew on board vessels was carried out. No persons were injured. There was some superficial damage to a small number of visiting vessels.
The lock gates are in working order and we are currently carrying out a full investigation into the incident.”

Thank you to the Sovereign Harbour Residents Association for alerting me to this story. For more news, views and information about events in Sovereign Harbour, please visit

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