Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Harbour Water Feature Action Update

Over 360 long suffering residents of Sovereign Harbour have been given a boost by a new drive by their local Councillors to try and resolve the a dispute between them and developers which has seen a massive water feature remain unreliable and unsightly over a number of years.

Sovereign Ward Councillors, Philip Ede, Gordon Jenkins and Patrick Warner agreed a contribution from their Devolved Ward Budget to commission a survey to establish what is wrong with the communal feature. Residents have meanwhile been given an ultimatum by the developer to accept ownership of the feature before the survey has been completed.  This could leave residents heavily exposed to an unknown and ongoing financial commitment.

Questions have now come to light about the way in which the Council signed off the development after construction and Councillors have received letters of concern from numerous residents. Sovereign Ward Borough Councillors met last night with Eastbourne Borough Council’s Chief Executive, Robert Cottrill and local County Councillor, David Elkin to get to the bottom of the matter and discuss a way forward.
Councillor David Elkin said “All four of the Ward Councillors have written to the developer formally requesting that no further action is taken until the survey has been completed and the results are known, we have also asked the Council’s Chief Executive to look into the Council’s handling of the matter and look into a range of options if the survey confirms residents’ fears that the feature will never be reliable in its current form”.


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