Saturday, 22 September 2012

'Sorry' appears to be the easiest word if you are a Lib-Dem

As Lib-Dems gather for their party conference just along the coast in Brighton, there are growing calls for Cllr Neil Stanley to follow his Leader and do a remix of his apology at Eastbourne Borough Council's Full Council meeting this week.

Party Leader, Nick Clegg became a national laughing stock this week by offering a belated apology for breaking their promises on Student Tuition Fees, not for actually backing the introduction of the fees but for breaking the promise - the sort of 'sorry if' my young son offers his sister under duress after one of the many petty squabbles that children have.

If an Eastbourne Lib-Dem were to consider offering a musical apology here though, who knows where they'd start? The list grows week by week. So in the spirit of coalition, whilst we do not share power with them in Eastbourne, here are a few suggestions they may want to consider:

Sorry for allowing the town's many assets to get into such an appalling state that, they have bits dropping off them and need covering up in unsightly scaffolding and faded wraps to protect the public.

Sorry for paying former Wish Tower Restaurant tenants a six figure sum to leave, telling the public it was unsafe when no structural survey had been completed and then flattening it on a whim without paying any respect to the family who gave it to the town as a gesture for those who fought for country during World War Two.

Sorry for giving false hope that a temporary replacement may be provided for the flattened Restaurant before the deal had actually been completed in an effort to spin good news.

Sorry for promising to scrap parking charges when they actually expanded the council's own pay to park scheme on our seafront and introduced higher charges than the County Council scheme they failed to scrap.

This is only a start but you can be sure that there will be a million and one other opportunities for Lib-Dems to be sorry before residents get the opportunity to show them the door!

On a more serious note though, every copy of the Nick Clegg single that is sold will generate charitable proceeds for Sheffield Children's Hospital in his constituency.

So if you want to enjoy a laugh in a good cause, log on to iTunes and search Nick Clegg but be careful, only one is for charity. Over to Eastbourne's Lib-Dems, which charity would they benefit it this way?

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