Thursday, 13 September 2012

Labour council leader calls for Baroness Thatcher's death

Following the disgusting T-shirts sold at this week's TUC conference in Brighton, it has come to light that prominent Labour politicians in Local Government are going one step further. Apparently Labour Leader, Ed Milliband has tried to distance himself from the sick sentiment of this week's events but will he take tougher action and withdraw the political whip from these councillors now? We shall have to wait and see...

Cllr Darren Cooper, the Labour leader of Sandwell Council, has used his Twitter account to call for Baroness Thatcher to "rot in Hell." The comment was a "re-tweet" rather than his own words. However when challenged over it he justified circulating the message saying that it represented his "feelings."


While the Labour leader Ed Miliband says that demanding the death on an 85-year-old grandmother is unacceptably offensive the Labour Party seems to go on accepting within its ranks those who express such a sentiment.

Cllr Eion Watts, the Leader of Bolsover District Council has "already got celebrations organised." While Cllr Linda Hobson remains in the Labour fold on Newcastle after tweeting her support for Lady Thatcher's death. Cllr Florence Anderson remains a Labour councillor in Sunderland - after calling for Lady Thatcher to "burn in Hell" - then earlier this year called on the IRA to bomb the Conservative Party Conference. Cllr Anderson not only remains a Labour councillor but is Chairman of the Community and Safer City Scrutiny Committee.

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