Thursday, 30 May 2013

Caroline speaks out in support of brave members of the Armed Forces & their families

Conservative Parliamentary Challenger for Eastbourne & Willingdon, Cllr Caroline Ansell addressed a Cabinet Meeting at Eastbourne's Town Hall on Wednesday evening to persuade members to support Eastbourne Borough Council's signing up to an East Sussex wide scheme called the Community Covenant which pledges to provide every assistance to our brave members of the Armed Forces and their families.

Caroline said;

"I welcome that Eastbourne Borough Council has formally signed the joint local Community Covenant and embraced the principles which the Covenant upholds.


With recent events in Woolwich, we are reminded, again, of the terrible price some pay in the service of our country, they and their loved ones.


In my teaching years, when working in a boarding school, I was in loco parentis for the daughters of military personnel and so have privileged insight into the lives of military families, incredible cameraderie often but also the everyday sacrifices in service life;  I saw too the challenges of coming out of the Forces, particularly around Health, Housing and Education.


The Community Covenant recognises the unique circumstances of Service Life and affirms the special relationship we have with our Armed Forces.


And, through the Community Covenant Grant Scheme, I look forward to seeing local community groups coming forward with initiatives which will enhance and extend that relationship".

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