Saturday, 11 May 2013

Meet the new Conservative Borough Council Team for the 2013/2014 Civic Year

Following the Annual Council meeting last Wednesday, Conservative Group Leader & Leader of the Opposition on Eastbourne Borough Council, Cllr David Elkin has appointed members of our group to the following positions:

Opposition Shadow Cabinet

Cllr David Elkin, Leader (to shadow Chief Executive aligned responsibilities)
Cllr Caroline Ansell, Deputy Leader & Finance Portfolio
Cllr Sandie Howlett, Core Support & Strategic Services Portfolio
Cllr Gordon Jenkins, Planning & Regeneration Portfolio
Cllr Philip Ede, Tourism, Recreation & Commercial Services Portfolio
Cllr Colin Murdoch, Cleansing, Recycling, Parks, Downland & Engineering Services Portfolio
Cllr Annabelle West, Community Services Portfolio



Cllr Patrick Warner, Chairman
Cllr Colin Belsey
Cllr Alun Cooke

Planning Committee

Cllr Barry Taylor
Cllr Gordon Jenkins
Cllr Tom Liddiard

Licensing Act & General Licensing Committee

Cllr Caroline Ansell
Cllr Alun Cooke
Cllr Tom Liddiard
Cllr Colin Murdoch
Cllr Patrick Warner
Cllr Annabelle West

Conservation Area Advisory Group

Cllr Colin Belsey
Cllr Patrick Warner

Project Boards

Joint Staff Consultative Group - Cllr Sandie Howlett

Grants Task Group - Cllr Annabelle West

Downland Forum - Cllr Colin Murdoch

Activating Eastbourne - Clr David Elkin

Airbourne Strategic Board - Cllr Philip Ede

Cultural Working Group - Cllr Philip Ede

Devonshire Park Project Board - Cllrs David Elkin & Sandie Howlett

Drive Programme Board - Cllr Sandie Howlett

Local Plan Steering Group - Cllr Gordon Jenkins

Redoubt Museum Policy Group - Cllr Philip Ede

Strategic Property Board - Cllr Patrick Warner

Youth Brief - Cllr Tom Liddiard

Eastbourne Borough Council Non-Executive Company Directorships

Eastbourne Homes - Cllrs Annabelle West & Patrick Warner

Wealden & Eastbourne Lifeline - Cllr Annabelle West

See for the full list of appointments including members from the controlling Lib-Dem group.

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