Saturday, 11 May 2013

Meet the team: Patrick Warner to takeover as Chairman of Scrutiny in Eastbourne

Following the annoucement of appointments for the coming civic year, here is the second of our 'meet the team' profiles of Conservative Councillors in Eastbourne. Cllr Patrick Warner has represented Sovereign Ward from 2002 to 2007 and again since 2011 and has carried out a number of different roles in opposition and laterly during the last Conservative Administration between 2004 and 2007. This year Patrick becomes Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee, a member of the Conservation Area Advisory Group and a Non-Executive Director of Eastbourne Homes in addition to continuing as a member on the Strategic Property Board, Joint Action Group and Licensing Act & General Licensing Committees. Following the appointments, Patrick said:

"I am thrilled to be taking on the responsiblity of Chairman of Scrutiny at this important time and I'd like to begin by paying tribute to my predecessor, Cllr Colin Belsey for his work during the previous civic year and I am pleased that he will continue to be on hand to offer members the benefit of his considerable experience as a member of the committee. The Scrutiny Committee has important responsibilities for monitoring the performance of the Council's Executive Cabinet but it also has the ability to look outside the Town Hall bubble at issues that concern residents by other public service providers.

Along with my colleagues, I want oversee the relaunch of the Scrutiny process in Eastbourne, I will work hard to help shape Council services that make a difference in our town but remain ready to mount a strong challenge when I feel that things are not being done properly. I also want to see us engaging more with the public at large on issues that really matter to them within our community, highlighting success and improvement by outside service providers and putting them under pressure when things need to improve.

I am also looking forward to my role with Eastbourne Homes. I grew up on an Eastbourne Council Estate and I want to see our social housing used to help improve life chances by providing a hand up, rather than as is so often assumed, a hand out. I will also be looking to see that all residents in Eastbourne can be confident that they are getting best value from Eastbourne Homes whether they own their own home, rent privately or are a tennant of our housing stock.

Finally as someone who is keen to preserve our heritage, I am very pleased to be joining Cllr Belsey on the Conservation Area Advisory Group. Whilst it is important that our town continues to evolve and offer new opportunities for its residents and visitors, we must respect our heritage and preserve the many wonderful assets that give Eastbourne its unique charm. This new role fits well with my existing responsibilities in tackling the Asset Management fiasco through the Strategic Property Board and my work on the Licensing Committee and Joint Action Groups".

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