Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sneering Nick, the shameless hypocrite

Our puerile, part-time, Deputy Prime Minister revealed on his ‘Ask Nick’ radio show that he is against tax breaks for married couples, sneering that ‘Miriam and I didn’t get married because we got offered £3 a week’ by the taxman.

Well, what a surprise. When you’re a multi-millionaire son of a merchant banker like Clegg, and your wife is a fabulously well-paid lawyer, such a ‘paltry’ sum is neither here nor there, is it?
But the fact is that most families in this country don’t enjoy his gilded existence. To them, every pound matters.

In any case, supporting marriage through the tax system was never meant to be an incentive to tie the knot; rather it is a commitment from society to help those who are married to raise their children in the most stable environment possible.

Unmarried couples are three times more likely to split up before their children are five years old. The damage done to the young as a result of family break-up is inestimable, and the long-term cost to our country in terms of crime, health problems, educational failure and welfare bills enormous.

Governments in other countries know this. A recent report by a thinktank that monitors tax rates worldwide revealed that British married couples with just one earner pay, on average, 42 per cent more tax than in other developed countries.

Meanwhile, most married couples with children here in Britain are £100 a week worse off than single parents.

The Tories promised to support marriage in the Coalition agreement that Clegg signed up to. But when Dave and Nick thrashed out the details over champagne in Number 10, they put that pledge to one side.

Instead, they introduced proposals for gay marriage, cut child benefit to stay-at-home mums — and encouraged mothers to leave their children in a local nursery with a bribe of £2,000 towards childcare costs.

The Coalition’s marriage policy is in tatters because Nick’s metrosexual, minority obsessions have once again trumped the values of the majority of Britain’s hard-working families. But then, never mind other people’s children. Nick has already indicated that his are off to private school.

So, to parody his ridiculous radio programme, I’ve got a question to ‘Ask Nick’. How, Nick, can you live with being such a two-faced, craven opportunist?

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