Saturday, 1 December 2012

#upgradeA27now Weekly Report

Firstly thank you to the literally hundreds of positive comments I have received for restarting this cross party campaign. Whilst I clearly had the people of Eastbourne at heart when I stuck my head above the parapet, many of the comments I have received this week demonstrate just how many of us feel the same, right along the route from Polegate to Lewes and above and below the road in the towns snd villages. In the interests of balance, I've also had just two who did not agree.

I've actually spent a great deal more time on this campaign this week than I'd first expected and as a result not managed to finish getting the Facebook page or website live, this should happen in the next few days and I will update you all then. I've taken part in a radio news interview with Sovereign FM's Sharon Williams which was broadcast on Thursday, I've spoken at a Community Gathering in Sovereign Harbour and I've also been booked to go and meet members of the business community in Uckfield later this month at one of their regular tweet up events. If you'd like me to come along and speak to your group or if anyone in the media would like to interview me about this, I'd be more than happy to help, feel free to e-mail me at

The response to the various social media posts has been far bigger than I had first expected with many more people getting to hear about the campaign via the power of retweets, thank you and please keep doing this as it keeps this important issue at the forefront of our attentions and will hopefully help us succeed for Sussex.

The e-petition is making slightly slower progress and had nearly 250 signatures last time I looked. I know people have been having trouble with the security verifying software for this but all I can say is, look closely for numbers and letters that look similar and do keep trying and remember to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to do the same.

Here's the link again:

Sadly, this week saw at least another four major accidents so the need for action is as a great as ever and I'm sure our thoughts and prayers are with those involved and their families. The road safety aspect really does re-enforce the chilling need for improvements to this road quite apart from the many benefits it would bring to our local economy.

Finally for this week, Eastbourne Councillors Dave Elkin and Annabelle West responded to my call for endorsements as to why they support the campaign, thanks Dave & Annabelle! These actions meant that several thousand extra people were reminded of what we are trying to achieve and led to an increase in petition signatures. If you feel strongly about this campaign, please e-mail me a one line comment I can use stating your name, which town or village you are from and why you support the campaign in one sentence if possible - you don't have to be a politician!

More news next week but feel free to check my blog also to keep up to date at

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