Thursday, 3 January 2013

Exit daft signs as Ministers declare war on confusing road clutter

Thousands of loopy road signs face the chop under a crusade being launched today.
Ministers will call on councils to take down any which blight our roads and baffle drivers.
One saying “Sign not in use” and another telling motorway motorists “No right turn for the next ten metres” are set to be among those targeted.

Bewildering parking meter instructions and poles with more than half a dozen conflicting signs may also go.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin will write to councils today and issue a ten-page guide suggesting how they can get rid of “old, confusing and ugly signs”.
He said: “There are too many unnecessary signs blotting the landscapes of our towns and cities.”

He praised councils in London and Somerset which have axed thousands in the past decade.
The Campaign to Protect Rural England backed the move.
Chief executive Shaun Spiers said: “Signs sprout into a forest of clutter.”


By PATRICK McLOUGHLIN, Transport Secretary

We've all seen them — pointless, ugly signs that ruin the landscape.

They make a mess of our communities. And when we’re driving they can be dangerous, confusing us rather than helping.

Of course road signs are important. But too often new ones sprout like weeds.
One near me in Derbyshire says “No Footpath”. It’s on a small country lane... of course there isn’t a path!

This is why this government is cracking down. The message to those responsible for our road signs is, if in doubt, don’t do it. Save your money for something that matters.

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