Friday, 26 April 2013

David Cameron: 'We need to help hard-working families with their household bills'

The government is taking “good measures” to help families who work hard, David Cameron insisted today.

Responding to recent criticism after a Tory minister told MPs that families “ought to be wasting much less food," Mr Cameron acknowledged the Government should in fact be helping families who are struggling.

“The real truth here is we need to help families with their household bills,” Mr Cameron told BBC Breakfast.

“That is why we’re freezing the council tax for the third year in a row, that’s why we’ve delivered a tax cut for 24 million working people by lifting the amount you can earn before you start paying tax, that’s why we’ve cancelled fuel duty increase, we’ve cut the duty on beer.

“We’re getting behind working families who work hard and want to do the right thing.”

Richard Benyon, a minister at the environment department sparked outrage after cricising families for "wasting food" at a time when personal finances are “squeezed”.

“We have been needlessly throwing away enormous amounts of food when it is perfectly safe to eat it,” the Conservative MP said.

Responding to criticism from MPs and campaigners over the minister's comments, the Prime Minister said: “Obviously, that does not look good.”

Mr Cameron argued Mr Benyon was just taking part in a debate in which he was “giving an answer on issues to do with food waste and supermarket packaging and all the rest of it”.

The Prime Minister insisted the government was making efforts to help households, including the clarification of energy tariffs.

“We are legislating so that energy companies have to put people on the lowest tariff,” Mr Cameron said.

“We are taking more action than any government has ever done previously, this is a major intervention.

“If you look across the piece – freezing the council tax, taking people out of income tax, now over two million people who used to pay income tax, because we’ve lifted the threshold won’t be paying income tax at all - those are all good measures to help people who are working hard and doing the right thing.”


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