Thursday, 20 December 2012

£75m bill for Lib-Dem's referendum on the Alternative Voting system

THE referendum on changing the way MPs are elected cost taxpayers £75MILLION, it will be announced today.

The bill was blasted by Tory MPs who branded the poll a “massive ego trip” for Nick Clegg.
The Deputy PM demanded a referendum on ditching the traditional first-past-the-post system as part of the Coalition agreement.

But more than two-thirds of voters rejected his plan to bring in the Alternative Vote system.
The Electoral Commission will publish a report today showing the final bill for the May 2011 poll, but stressed it still cost less than the £100million originally estimated.

Around £58million alone was claimed by counting officers, who were responsible for running the referendum and counting the votes.

Last night a spokesman for Mr Clegg defended the poll. He said: “If you are considering a big change, you have to put it to the people.”

Yet further proof that the Lib-Dem's just can't be trusted - 'Sorry' doesn't seem to cut it!

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