Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sussex PCC comments on the provisional local government finance settlement

Commenting on the provisional local government finance settlement announced by the Government today (19 December 2012), Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, said: “The provisional settlement announced today provides figures for all Police & Crime Commissioner’s formula grant for 2013-14. Average national cash reductions for police budgets are 1.6% for 2013-14.

“There are a number of grants still to be confirmed and the final budget settlement is expected mid February 2013.

“I am preparing very carefully for a final settlement that reduces our funding and I will continue to make efficiency savings next year to offset the grant reduction, as part of the ongoing programme to save £52million by 2015. I have been left in a healthy financial position by the previous Police Authority and I am pleased with the significant savings that have already been made – over £27million since April 2011.

“I have already announced my decision to freeze the local police precept – the money levied by police from council tax – so local residents will not have to spend more on policing in Sussex next year.

“Assuming the same level of funding in 2013/14 as in the current financial year, I have committed to all councils that in order to support Community Safety Partnerships acrossSussex, funding from my office will remain the same as per 2012/13. This will allow all partners to work together over the next 12 months to see how the funding positively impacts local communities and continues to drive down crime.”

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