Wednesday 16 January 2013

Councillor Caroline Ansell backs the campaign to #upgradeA27now - do you?

After joining Eastbourne Borough Council last year at the Meads by-election, Caroline has made a great impact on the Conservative Team and has very quickly got to grips with the important issues that face not only Meads ward but also our wonderful town.

Caroline is very keen to support the campaign and had this to say:

"Congested,frustrating and unreliable - for too long the A27 Polegate to Beddingham hasbeen unfit for purpose.

We needto be open for business and a slow, winding journey will say 'time and money'to potential investors. We need to optimise visitors, all important in ourTourism-driven local economy.

We weredisenfranchised years ago when John Prescott axed upgrade plans - recognisedthen as significant to our future prosperity. With developing and improving road networks to the East and West, it isimperative we secure this upgrade for our town now".

If you agree with Caroline and the increasingly long list of campaign supporters from all over East Sussex, please sign the e-petition and encourage your four friends, relatives and colleagues to do the same by clicking on the following link:

Additionally if you would like to share your experiences and views as to why the road should be improved, feel free to e-mail me at

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