Saturday, 26 January 2013

Seaside Councillor takes BMW UK to task over cheeky Mini 'GrubbyBritish Beaches' Facebook jibe

Seaside Councillor, Patrick Warner who represents Sovereign Ward in Eastbourne - arguably one of Britain's most famous Seaside resorts which regularly tops the sunshine charts, is challenging Mini's owners BMW UK.

On Friday 25th January, on the Mini UK Facebook page, they show an archive image of a red Classic Mini with a caption that reads 'Check out this cheeky chappy. The Mini 850. Adding glamour to grubby British beaches, since 1977'.

Cllr Warner said "I'm a big fan of British products and very respectful of the success of the Mini brand, in fact I regularly publish news stories on my blog and 'share' a variety of Mini Facebook posts with my followers but this latest post seems in poor taste".

Above: the image used by BMW in the offending Mini campaign.
Cllr Warner added "The new Mini family of cars are proving very popular in and around the Eastbourne area and they deserve to but I would welcome the opportunity to invite BMW & Mini to Visit Eastbourne and change their view of the Great British Seaside".

BMW should change their view of British beaches

The previous 'Change your View' campaign run by Eastbourne did a great job of challenging perceptions and stereotypes and since then, Eastbourne has been very successful in getting people of all ages to sample its delights.

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