Friday, 25 January 2013

FairFuelUK Campaign needs your support!

Please help us hit half a million supporters before March

Dear Motorist,

When Quentin Wiilson, Howard Cox, Lynne Beaumont and I sat down two years ago to launch FairFuelUK our first email to supporters went to just over 250 people. At that time, we wondered if we’d get the support we needed to fight off the monstrous 5p per litre Fuel Duty hike that was going to hit us in April 2011. Just look at how far we’ve all come together since then – this email that you’re now reading will go to hundreds of thousands of people, not just a couple of hundred. We started this campaign as just 4 individuals.

Now, we’ve got a range of financial backers to help us : The RHA, the FTA, the RAC, The Fuelcard Company, The Association of Pallet Networks (joined 2013) and Aldermore Bank.

Because of your support and the help from our backers, we’ve had a string of great successes. Over the last 24 months, we’ve led the fight to see over 9p per litre of Fuel Duty hike’s scrapped. However, despite those successes, we still pay amongst the highest Petrol/Diesel Taxes in Europe and petrol and diesel are still frighteningly expensive. When we checked on Monday, Unleaded was averaging 132.88 and Diesel was averaging 140.50. And now there are stories in the newspapers today suggesting that prices might rocket by 4p per litre in the next couple of weeks. These high prices are still hurting families and businesses AND, just as importantly, we know that they are holding back the UK economy. Our fight goes on!

So as we build up our campaigning for 2013, we’ve got a simple ‘ask’ of you.

We’ve made all the progress to date with just over 348,000 sign ups on our constantly running online petition at The more we can increase this number, the more media interest and political momentum we can generate – and that means that our chances of getting a cut in fuel duty increase.

To help boost this number, we’re simply asking you to cut and paste the email below and send it to as many contacts as you can. We need as many people as possible to electronically ‘sign up’. It’s completely free and takes just a few seconds.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the next time we email you, we can go into the fight for a fuel duty cut not with 348,000 supporters – but 500,000!

Your support to date is so much appreciated – please help a little more by spreading the email below to all you know…..

With huge thanks. The suggested email to forward on to your friends, family and colleagues is below.

Very kind regards,

The FairFuelUK Team

Quentin Willson
Lynne Beaumont

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