Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Explore Behind the Scenes at Towner

The first ever Behind the Scenes event at Towner takes place next week, giving visitors the chance to look behind closed doors and find out what goes on ‘back stage’ at the award winning contemporary art museum.

‘Behind the Scenes’ is taking place on 1 March and for those interested in art history, curating, conversation or just curious to see what goes on beyond the displays, this event will be a fantastic opportunity to meet staff and find out about all the work that goes into looking after the Towner collection and presenting it to the public.

‘Behind the Scenes’ will consist of a series of inspiring talks, giving visitors an insight into how everything comes together at Towner, as well as lunch, tea, coffee and cakes! Guest speakers include Corinne Farmer; Conservator, Sara Cooper; Collections Curator and Sanna Moore; Exhibitions Curator. Together they will deliver sneak previews, discussions and demonstrations to inspire others.
‘Behind the Scenes’ is on Friday 1 March 11am – 3pm. Entrance is £35 or £30 with concessions. For Towner, Bluemonkeynet and NADFAS members; tickets are £25. All money raised from the day will go to support Towner’s Annual Schools & Colleges Exhibition.
For those who are interested in the wide range of artworks housed in Towner’s collection store, there is also a 5 week course starting on 26 February called ‘The Collection at Towner’ in partnership with Sussex Downs College (course code 4717/020).
For more information on ‘Behind the Scenes’ or the 5 week course, please visit

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