Monday, 11 February 2013

With petrol & diesel prices on the up again, help secure a duty cut in 2013

Petrol & Diesel Prices are rising again ….
Help us to help you secure a Fuel Duty Cut in 2013....

Dear FairFuelUK Supporter,

We need to know what you believe is the realistic, sensible Fuel Duty cut that will help stimulate the economy, to encourage you to spend and for businesses to have the confidence to invest and employ more people.

You’ll be very aware that pump prices are ‘on the up’ once again. We’ve had messages from all across the country about this – you can see many of them on our @FairFuelUK twitter feed.

George Osborne Plans a 2p Fuel Tax hike later in 2013Next month, the Chancellor makes his Budget Statement. Currently, he is planning a rise in Fuel Duty of about 2p per litre to hit us later in the year. We think that’s the last thing the economy needs right now. So we need your help to persuade him to drop that rise AND to cut fuel duty to boost the economy. Remember, with your help, we have successfully fought off EVERY such rise since we started just over 2 years ago – those rises would have totalled 9p per litre (11p per litre if you include the extra VAT that would have been charged on the Fuel Duty).

To help us ‘see off’ this latest planned rise and to put forward a convincing case for a Fuel Duty cut, please would you take a couple of minutes to fill out our simple ‘FairFuelUK Petrol/Diesel Poll’. There is one POLL tailored to members of the public and another POLL for FairFuelUK supporters who run businesses. You can complete both POLLs if they are relevant to your profile. We will analyse your POLL responses and present the collated summary responses to the Government, to every MP and actively publish the POLLs' conclusions in the media right up to the Budget on March 20th. Click on the relevant POLL links below:

Public Poll:

Business Poll:

The results from these POLLs will help us pile the pressure onto the Government & the Chancellor. WHY? Because the numbers signed up to back FairFuelUK are now so large, the media take a great interest in what you, our supporters, say in our polls. When the media takes an interest, that too helps put pressure on our MPs to listen and react.

Please do all you can to complete the poll and spread it to as many contacts as you feel able. We now number over 350,000 supporters and every extra ‘sign up’ makes our voice stronger. Over 8,000 have signed up in the last few days alone.

Over the coming weeks we’re holding a lot of meetings with our MPs and Ministers. We’ll keep you posted on how this develops….

As ever, thanks for all your help and support………

Very kind regards,

The FairFuelUK Team

Quentin Willson
Lynne Beaumont

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