Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dramatic fall in burglary across England and Wales

New figures have revealed a dramatic reduction in burglary across England and Wales, and latest statistics show that the crime is down by 6 per cent.

There were reductions recorded in every region across England and Wales, outside London.

Police and Criminal Justice Minister Damian Green said:

“This dramatic fall in burglary is very welcome. This and other reductions in crime are evidence that police reform is working.

“Our police forces are rising to the challenge and cutting crime even in a difficult financial time. We need effective policing to cut crime. New police and crime commissioners are about to take on the role of holding police forces to account to ensure crimes like burglary continue to fall right across the country.”

Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC’s) will be driven by one clear objective to cut crime and will:

Cut crime by being a voice for local concerns

Conservative PCC’s will set strategic policing priorities having listened to public concerns so that they truly reflect local community needs.

Cut crime by protecting the front line

Too much police time is taken up with paperwork and red tape. Conservative PCC’s will focus on getting officers out of the back room and on to the front line to ensure a visible and available police presence.

Cut crime by tackling anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour scars communities. Conservative PCC’s will target this behaviour to make our streets and communities safe for ordinary law abiding citizens and their families.

Cut crime by slashing bureaucracy in police forces

Conservative PCC’s will ensure value for money within their police force, rooting out waste and inefficiencies to make sure the taxpayer is getting value for money.

Cut crime and support victims

Conservative PCC’s will work with local and national groups and victims of crimes to ensure that they are truly supported.

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