Friday, 2 November 2012

Join the Fair Fuel UK Campaign and use their easy link to write to your MP to scrap the planned rise

Only 8 Weeks to the 3p/Litre Tax Hike on Petrol & Diesel. Please Email your MP to Scrap this Crippling Tax Rise

With just over a month to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, we’re stepping up our fight to stop the 3p per litre Fuel Duty Rise planned for 1st January 2013. That represents over 16p a gallon (combined Fuel Duty and VAT). Petrol and diesel prices are still far too high. The economy is still on its knees. Hitting families and businesses with this tax hike is the last thing that the economy needs.

We need you to get in touch with your MP and ask them to support our fight in a number of ways. Please use this link to contact your MP. Some people say that ‘writing/emailing your MP doesn’t work’ – but remember, with your help, we have successfully fought off over 9p per litre of Fuel Duty rises in the last 20 months. That's £4.5 Billion less of tax paid by us all.

Here’s the link

Only a few days ago, our National spokesman Quentin Willson led a delegation of FairFuelUK backers to meet Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander MP. (Photo)
We presented him with a report that set out the damage that the 3p rise will do to the economy – 35,000 jobs destroyed and growth hit hard. The report also explained why it would be in the Government’s own interest to CUT Fuel Duty. If you’d like to see this report yourself please download it.

There’s a summary report here and the full detailed report itself can be downloaded on the same page. Pictures of our visit to The Treasury are at

We have a real chance of seeing off this rise. This is only possible because of your support and that of our major backers – the RAC, the Road Haulage Association (RHA), the Freight Transport Association(FTA), Aldermore Bank, and Palletline. Particular thanks are due to the RHA which funded the report referred to above and to the FTA which funded a similar report earlier in the year. Without the backing of these organisations, it’s fair to say that we’d all be paying about 9p per litre (11p including the VAT) more for our fuel. If you get a chance, please visit their sites.

As well as fighting the 3p rise and campaigning for a CUT in Fuel Duty we are continuing to press the case for fairer petrol & diesel prices on other fronts.

1. On our call to have the Fuel Duty listed on all till receipts from forecourts see we have had over 15,000 supporters backing this initiative. Robert Halfon MP with your support has secured a further debate in late November to push this through. We need to keep up the pressure.

2. FairFuelUK has met with the Office of Fair Trading to investigate the supply of petrol & diesel, the fairness of pricing and for the authorities to investigate the rigging of Oil markets. We presented over 2000 pieces of evidence to the OFT that FairFuelUK supporters supplied. If you any more please go to

3. Lastly, please spread word of our campaign – we’ve achieved so much with our 340,000 supporters – just think what we can do if we get a million! Please spread the word to your email lists and on Facebook and Twitter. We’re entering a very busy phase of the campaign and any help you could give by purchasing and displaying a campaign sticker would be hugely appreciated

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