Thursday, 29 November 2012

Help Fair Fuel UK get January's planned 3p duty rise scrapped

Urgent – I have copied this post from the Fair Fuel UK Campaign Website as they Need Your Last Minute Help to Fight the January 3p Fuel Duty Rise (that’s 16p a gallon !!!)

Dear Fellow Motorist,

We’re just days away from the Autumn Statement. We are increasingly hopeful that we will see the 3p Fuel Duty hike scrapped when the Chancellor addresses the House of Commons on 5th December. All the signs are encouraging but we still need to do everything we possibly can in these last few days to keep up the political and media pressure.

To that end, we’re asking if you would help us by taking part in a very quick poll of how high fuel prices are actually affecting you. As we understand it there is no up to date objective evidence as to how the high price of diesel and petrol is affecting the social issues we all face each and every day.

We met a group of influential MPs only last week and they believe that the results of such a poll could be critical in the run up to the Autumn Statement, even at this late stage.

The poll is hosted by one of our main backers – the RAC. The link that will take you to it is

We’ve done so much campaigning and lobbying over recent weeks that there isn’t enough space in this short email to set it out here, but you can see and read everything by following the link to our FairFuelUK blog.

Thanks so much for your on going support…………

Here is the Link to the RAC POLL:

Here is the Link to the FairFuelUK Blog:

Very kind regards, The FairFuelUK Team
Quentin Willson
Lynne Beaumont
FairFuelUK's Key Objectives
Stop any Fuel Duty Rises – Continue to fight to scrap the January & August 3p hike deferrals that are now planned in January 2013
Go even further and fight to Cut Fuel Duty for the benefit of economic growth and what the whole nation wants – Convince the Govt to recognise that by sensibly controlling fuel duty, it is a growth stimulus not just a Treasury cash cow
Bring UK petrol and diesel to European Parity in terms of fuel pricing and taxation
Set up a mechanism that is the fairest way to price petrol and diesel for business, the economy and hard pressed motorists
Actively support the inquiries into fuel pricing transparency and oil price speculation. Do you have information to help?
Follow this easy link to e-mail your MP, sadly despite having e-mailed a couple of weeks ago myself I have had no response from my MP in Eastbourne yet but if enough of us do this, he and other MP's will have to listen and may influence the Chancellor to take action.

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  1. If everyone writes to their MP maybe, just maybe something will be done - but don't hold your breath.