Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Police & Crime Commissioner elections - Thursday November 15th

What are Police and Crime Commissioners?

When it comes to crime, we care about what you care about. That's why we're asking the public to vote, on 15th November, for a Police and Crime Commissioner who will be responsible for overseeing policing in their local area.
In place of the current police authorities, the public will elect PCCs to hold the local police force to account, to set the police budget and the police plan, and stand up for the public and victims.
PCCs will be visible and directly accountable to the public. In place of bureaucratic control from Whitehall, police forces will be democratically accountable to local people, freeing officers from the red tape which takes them off the streets.
Police and Crime Commissioners will be public champions in the fight against crime. Chief Constables will remain responsible for operations and the day-to-day running of forces as they are the experts on policing. However, PCCs will appoint these Chief Constables and hold them to account for their record on focusing the local police force on the crime issues you really care about.
Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners will be driven by one clear objective: to cut crime in their local policing area.

Cut crime by being a voice for local concerns

Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners will set strategic policing priorities having listened to the public about their local crime issues.

Cut crime by ensuring police are on the front line

Too much police time is taken up with paperwork and red tape. Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners will focus on getting officers out of the back room and on to the front line to ensure a visible and available police presence.

Cut crime by tackling anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour scars communities. Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners will target this behaviour to make our streets and communities safe for ordinary law abiding citizens and their families.

Cut crime by reducing wastage

Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners will ensure value for money within their police force. They will root out waste and inefficiencies within their police forces to make sure the taxpayer is getting value for money.

Cut crime and support victims

Conservative Police and Crime Commissioners will work with local and national groups and victims of crimes to ensure that they are truly supported.
Here is Sussex, we are fortunate enough to have a fantastic candidate in Katy Bourne. If you have not had the chance to meet here during her punishing campaign which has seen her darting all over Sussex at numerous events, please visit her website and don't forget, Polling Stations are open from 7am to 10pm. If you have misplaced your polling card, don't worry - you can still vote by going along to your usual Polling Station and telling them who you are (a proof of ID will probably smooth this process).

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